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Our Promise to you:
**We will not split our boys semen meant for your girl with another client.
**We will never pull one of our boys & sell his semen to you if he is not 100% healthy.
** Never get left hanging if unforeseen things arise! We always have backup Studs available.
**We never overbreed our boys. Our Limited Availability Studs are bred to no more than 6 outside girls per year.
**We will never use inferior shipping boxes, extender, or transport, just to save a few bucks, only the BEST for our Clients!
Don't waste your money or your breeding by getting dead or half dead semen, and/or bacteria from non-sterile conditions & supplies. We do it Right.....the First time! We use USDA approved semen/genetic shippers & NEW sterile supplies. We take no chances with your female or your money trying to save a little money by sterilizing our used supplies, or using inferior products. We DO CARE!
NOTICE: Because of non payment, even after litters are produced, we have discontinued our 1/2 down, 1/2 by litter birth Program.
STUD SERVICE TO DO LIST- NO Semen will be shipped until we have these items!
  1. Online Stud Contract
  2. Pay for FedEx-UPS charges & Semen Boxes
  3. Copy of your Registration Papers showing your name & address, & good photos of your Bitch
  4. Stud fee paid in full...if it's not cleared, it's not paid.
  5. Progesterone testing...it 's up to you BUT NO rebreed & NO POL without progesterone testing.
We WILL NOT RESERVE a spot with one of our studs without ALL required documents & contracts and we will NOT turn down other customers for our studs if you have not reserved your spot properly. If this happens, you will loose your spot as we do not breed our boys to more than ONE girl at the time.
Rare Bulldogs POL Policy

Complete Online Contract

BEFORE you start, you will need to attach 3 items about your girl to this contract, so have them ready.
1. Registration Papers 2. Pedigree & 3. Photo
Visual Verification Image
* Required

Pay for FedEx/UPS Charges & Semen Boxes
You will need to add 1 at checkout for each shipment of semen.
We provide 2 specimens per stud service.
Select Shipment Time

Pay your Stud Fee
Rare Bulldogs Deposit-Payment Policy
We have 4 payment options available.
Wells Fargo 1. Cash Deposit Directly into our Business Wells Fargo account. Our prefered method of payment! Easy for you & I both, can be verified immediately, & no Fees!! Just find a Wells Fargo near you, and call or mail for our account info. 850-206-1027 rarebulldogs@gmail.com
2. US Postal Money Orders, no FEES! We accept ONLY US Postal MO's, less than $2 per $1000 at your nearest Post Office. Must clear BEFORE Semen is shipped or picked up. This can take up to 2 weeks.  Please DO NOT send other type Money Orders or Cashiers Checks...we will not accept them. 
Western Union 3. Click the WU icon to the left to go to the ONLINE Site. From your bank account to our bank account. From your bank account to a Western Union location. From your debit or credit card to a Western Union location. Please call or mail for SENDING INFO.  rarebulldogs@gmail.com  850-206-1027
Wells Fargo 4. We accept Bank Wire Transfers for international customers.
Please email for our banking info.

You are done! Thank you for choosing a Rare Bulldogs Stud!