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All Rare Bulldogs Babies are litter box/potty pan trained before leaving us!
Chris makes these with closet shelving.
We use puppy potty pans with cedar or pine shavings. We cover the shavings with closet wire shelving to keep the babies from playing in the shavings, which they WILL do. It makes a mess & they try to eat them. The shavings help with the odor as well. We start them at about 3-4 weeks in a 4x4 playpen with the box in the pen. BTW, we cover the grated floor of the 4x4 with something solid, I do not think it is good to train any dog to poop through a grate floor, and it creates splayed feet. I also roll up a towel at the entrance of the potty box for 3-5 week olds so the newly walking babies can climb in easier. Usually by time these babies are 5-6 weeks old, they are fully trained to use the box.
Here is a photo with the flooring in the playpen. We also keep their food, water, blankets, and toys in the playpen with the potty box to the far corner. When they get bigger, we use a 2x3 playpen with the doors removed, attached to the 4x4, to put the potty box in. This gives them the 4x4 area for more room.
4x4 puppy play pen with flooring 
When you get your baby home, house training should be a 2 day process at the most. You need to have the time to watch the baby all day. Move the potty pan right by the door that the baby will go out of. Leave the door open, hopefully the baby will get the hint. Once the baby has used the pan by the door, try putting it right on the outside of the door. Once the baby goes there, move it a little farther, eventually getting it to the area where you want the baby to always potty.

Always take the baby outside to that spot right after waking, after eating, or when crated when the baby cries....even if the baby is crying to get out of the crate, this will teach him/her that crying gets a potty break.

When the baby goes in the correct spot...potty box or outside, clap your hands and baby talk yaaaaaaaay, goooood baby! believe me, they are just like children, they LOVE that kind of praise!
The wood chip method...a litter messy without the grate, but the chips help with the smell.

This is an alternative way to pan train.

Supplies Needed:
*Litter Pans...we recommend 2 so that you can put down a fresh pan as soon as you take out the used pan. You can purchase them online, we recommend the Petco Brand.
*Cedar or Pine Chips...get small, soft chips if possible, you can get this from Walmart & it is very inexpensive.
*Dog Litter...you may prefer the dog litter. It is more expensive & bulky, but makes less of a mess than the chips. You can find it at Pet Smart.

Step 1: Getting Set Up
Make sure to set up the pan as close to an active part of the house as possible, so your puppy will want to use it.

Add enough litter to cover the bottom of the pan 1".

Allow at least 3 feet distance from any bedding, food, or water.

Step 2: Teaching your Puppy to use the Pan
After meals, naps, or letting your Puppy out of his/her crate or playpen, set the puppy in the Litter Pan & keep him there until he goes.

Clap, say yea!! & praise profusely just like you would a child...it WORKS! they do understand that you are happy with them.

Step 3: Successful Pan Usage
Until they are completely trained, when your Puppy is left alone, it is best to confine them to a gated area, playpen, or large crate with the pan enclosed with them.

If you want to completely house train, slowly move the pan by the door, then to just outside, & eventually to a desired Potty Spot until your Puppy asks, and goes to the proper area on his own.
The below photos show a 4 week old baby starting out. In these photos we are using the Potty Grass instead of the Cedar Chips. We recommend the Chips. This is the small pan.