Rare Bulldogs

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Bulldogs & Drowning
I have had Parents tell me that their bully can swim fine, and some can, up to between 1 and 2 years of age. Sad to say, those parents lost their bullys to drowning. You may wonder...what happened? Bullys, as they grow, tend to get more dense, thicker bones and dense muscles, and start to be what I call "Heavy Boned". A lot of times this does not occur until after 1 year of age, thus the sad scenario above....the bully could swim fine until one day it sank and drowned. NEVER take a chance!! It is definitely NOT worth it.
This is the ONLY SAFE way to have your Bully around or in the water!!! Even if they can swim, don't EVER take a chance.
Thank you Andria for doing it right!! Meet Lana Greene