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Color Genetics Study

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What an honor! We just received a request to use our dogs and to work with one of the top Genetic Labs on the complicated black colors, there being 4 or more, in connection with the English Bulldog Breed. Of course we accepted. It may be several months, but we will share their findings and explanations when the study is finished. This will help all Rare Color EB Breeders tremendously in knowing what to expect from the matches they choose in their breeding programs. It will also help me greatly, in accurately updating the Official Color Chart for English Bulldogs!
These are the Rare Bulldog Babies being used in the Study
Black Tri English Bulldog PuppyBlue English Bulldog StudBlue Fawn QUAD English Bulldog StudBlack and Tan English Bulldog
Update: Magma has been asked to participate in the study!
Black English Bulldog
Update June 2011
Update from the Geneticist: The dominant black gene is just black, whereas a Black Tri or Black & Tan is genetically a sable dog with excessive black markings. So you cannot get black tri or black & tan from a dominant black dog, because the black will be masked. Dominant black masks, or covers tan points. Therefore the dominant black gene & the black tri are 2 separate genotypes. This is also why you can have a black tri that shows no visible tan pointed pattern, the dog looks black & white but can be genetically tan pointed, a black tri, when it carries the Kb (dominant black) gene.

Recessive black is, aesthetically, no different to dominant black. The only difference is in the breeding - a solid black puppy could be born from two parents who are non-solid black if they both carry (without expressing) one copy of the recessive black gene, whereas a dominant black pup could only be born if one or both of its parents are also dominant blacks that express the color. Another important aspect of recessive black is that it is on a different sequence of locus to dominant black. The only way that a dog can be solid black if it is Kb on the K locus. The tan points on a recessive black tri will not show IF the white is in the spots where normally the tan points would be.