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Loving, Stay at Home, Experienced, Puppy Moms/Dads with HOME KENNELS.
All our babies, young & old alike, are part of our Family!

I have been breeding canines in the Rare Colors of Lilac, Blue, & Chocolate since 1972, and have those same years of education in color genetics and breeding behind me. It is therefore relatively easy for me to understand how the genetics work in producing these colors in canines. I have continued to work with top Geneticists to this day in canine color genetics and learn something new every day. I love sharing my knowledge and helping newcomers with their breeding programs. So as to keep the TRUE Bulldog look, it has been my goal from day one to combine our color lines with our show lines, and will continue to do so in our breeding program, so as to produce the very BEST in Rare Color Bulldogs. 850-206-1027
Chris-Rare Bulldogs Owner

Chris-Owner/Breeder/Kennel Manager/Litter Nanny

Chris is Alesia's oldest son and so has been raised around the breeding of dogs all his life. Chris has maintained Rare Bulldogs Kennels behind the scenes for years and is now a full partner/owner in the business. Chris will be doing more & more of the hands on work with the dogs & puppies so that Alesia can Semi-retire. A true dog lover...Chris & his Family own 3 babies, a Pug named Bijie, A Rat Terrier/Pug mix named Kordy, and a Brussels Griffon named Apollo.
We are a FAMILY Business!
We would like to mention other family members that are a Huge part of our Rare Bulldogs Family
Becly-accountant-office manager

Becky is Alesia's sister. Meet Rare Bulldogs  Accountant & Office Manager

Memphis is Alesia's Grandson. Meet Rare Bulldogs Website Artist &  Designer
Our Bulldog Ride
Rare Bulldogs Ride in Style
Read more about us & our breeding history below!
Founded in 1998
Having been a long time breeder of Rare Color Chinese Shar-Pei, our first kennel name was TuChins Bulldogs of NW Florida. We then adopted the name Best Puppy & when we started our Bulldog Family we changed it to Awesome Bully. On finding out that English Bulldogs could be produced in Rare Colors, we set out to copy our Chines Shar-Pei Rare Color endeavor, thus applying that color program to our beloved bullys and becoming The Original "Rare Bulldogs". We incorporated our Bulldog Show lines in the plan from the VERY FIRST LITTER, & thus kept that bully look & bully standard in our Rare Color productions. Our FIRST RARE LITTER mixing these lines, produced 2 Black Tri Quads, 1 Blue Fawn Tri Quad, & 1 Red Tri. Our Late Champion Bounder is Grandpa to our beautiful black tri Crystal & our first blue boy Dreamer.
CHAMPION Wolfes Bound for Glory

QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare BulldogsQUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare BulldogsHobby Breeder of Top Show Lines...5 year BCA Member
1998 to 2008 
We were not your typical Show Breeder, but worked closely with, and were mentored by, one of the Top Show Kennels in the Nation. We ALWAYS adopted our future breeding Moms & Studs from top show lines, and were blessed to own our Champion Bounder shown above. We were a member of the BCA for over 5 years. We did not realize that EB's could be produced in Rare Colors until 2008. Because of the controversy with the Rare Colors, we resigned from the BCA, changed our name to Rare Bulldogs, and purchased our first QUAD Bulldog Walker. And so our Color journey begins.........
First Rare Color Breeding
Our First Rare Color Breeding, mixed with our Champion Show lines. Our Red Tri Quad Carrier Walker x Our Champion Sired white girl Tory. 2 Black Tri's, & 1 Blue Fawn Tri out of 4 pups! ALL 3 of the below pups are QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs
First Chocolate Litter
Our second Rare Color Breeding and first chocolates, matching Walker with our Red & White Girl Scrunchy. 3 Chocolate Tri Sensations out of 8 puppies!
Chocolate Sensation Scrunchy Little is the FIRST Chocolate English Bulldog proven to carry BLUE making her the first Chocolate QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs.
The minute we found out that Scrunchy was a Blue carrier, we started the plan for producing the Rare Lilac color. We could have matched her up with our Dreamer, him being a Blue Quad, but were fortunate enough to find that perfect Blue Quad boy, thus adding Treasure to our Family. Scrunchy & Treasure went on to produce the First True Color LILAC ever born, in their first litter! ***See our Landmark Breeding below.
First ALL Blue Litter
Rare Bulldogs produces the First ALL Blue litter in the US.
Invitation for Black Color Study
What an honor! We just received a request to use 4 of our dogs and to work with one of the top Genetic Labs on the complicated black colors, there being 4 or more, in connection with the English Bulldog Breed. Jazzy, Treasure, Chrystal, Chroma, and Dreamer were invited. Of course we accepted. This study will help all Rare Color EB Breeders tremendously in knowing what to expect from the matches they choose in their breeding programs. Read more HERE.
First True Color Lilac English Bulldog in the World!
June 18, 2011

***Landmark Breeding produces the first True Color Lilac EB ever  born. Meet our Gorgeous Extreme Zi.
The above Landmark breeding accomplished so many things.
Meet Treasure, now a PROVEN producer of LILAC.
First Blue Stud to produce Lilac. Not one, but two in one litter.
Meet Scrunchy, proven Lilac producer, the First Chocolate EB to produce Purple Lilac.
Rarest Litter yet to be born. See more on the litter HERE DNA Verified 7-8-11. Meet Ultra, First DNA verified Lilac Female. Ultra is a Lilac Brindle. DNA Verified 7-8-11.
QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs was coined by Rare Bulldogs on the birth of this Rarest of all litters ever born. The term Quad denotes that the dog has the genetics to produce all 4 Rare Colors of Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, and Black. We feel our Quad Trademark with the Chocolate Q, the Blue U, the Lilac A, and the Black D is fitting.

QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs is a pending Registered Trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs. Our Trademark is copyrighted and therefore cannot be used without permission. We do allow breeders to use the design as long as the html code is kept intact. E-mail us for info: rarebulldogs@gmail.com
Invitation to Black Color Study
Hi, my name is Magma. I have just been invited to participate in the Black Color Study that my Mom is in! Of course, I accepted.
Read more HERE.
Another True Lilac, and a Dark Chocolate Produced at Rare Bulldogs
Another Landmark breeding! Our Stud Dreamer now a Proven Producer of Purple Lilac, Dark Chocolate Tri & Intense Blue tri!!
First Purple Lilac in the World now Proven @ only 8 months old. April 1, 2012
Zi gives EVERY puppy he sires the DNA to produce ALL 4 Rare Colors-LILAC-BLUE-CHOCOLATE-BLACK, no matter what the female carries. He is definitely a Special, One of a Kind, English Bulldog!
First Purple Lilac in the World, Extreme Z, now a proven Black Base Lilac
Rare Bulldogs 2012
So here we are, 14 years after breeding our first EB litter, and only 3 years after our first Color endeavor. We feel very blessed to have accomplished all this. We have endured much hard work, sleepless nights, and tragedy to get to this point, not to mention almost $1,000,000.00 of financial investment..... no kidding! We consider it not only well worth it, but a great honor to have these beautiful Bully Babies in our lives. We could never imagine being without them as an integral part of our families.
Rare Bulldgs 2013
What a phenominal year we have had! We are honored to have had an ALL Dark Chocolate Tri Mini Litter with our beautiful Stud Bean including 3 Platinums, predominantly all white babies with a double [atat] black base. We then had the pleasure of producing some of the FIRST double [atat] SEALS.....BLUE, CHOCOLATE, & BLACK, double [atat] SEALS all in one litter! Check out Gunner on our Stud page, and Willow on our Moms page. Last but not least, we added a beautiful Clear Pointed Purple Lilac Tri MINI Stud to our breeding program. Check out Armani on our Stud page.
Rare Bulldogs 2014
This year was a little tough at times, especially during the summer, but we made it & have some nice things to report! .We produced several all LILAC Litters including the First all clear pointed lilac litter...and what a phenomenal litter it was! Some of the nicest put together rare color babies produced yet! We also had several Super Dilute Lilac babies from our litters, very unique babies indeed. A great year for our True Mini Program with chocolate, blue, & lilac MINI babies produced throughout the year. One of the most proud accomplishments for this year is the production of our CHAMPION Sired Chocolate Fawn QUAD Female "Toast". We plan to produce more CHAMPION Sired Rare Color Babies in 2015, to further our Goal of producing the Best of the Best in Rare Color English Bulldogs!!
Last but not least, Rare Bulldogs along with Dragon Bulldogs produced the First Dark Chocolate Tri QUAD MERLES ever born! Check out our MERLE Babies
Meet CHAMPION Sired Rare Bulldogs Creme Dela Creme Toast
 Chocolate Fawn QUAD Future Mom
Rare Bulldogs 2015
We are still here & going stronger than ever.
*June-3 Double atat Lilac SEALS born all in one litter! Look HERE

*July-Hydra becomes a CHAMPION. Look HERE
Blue Tri QUAD English Bulldog

*July-Bang gets all his CHAMPIONSHIP Points! Only one Major to get his Title! Look HERE

*September-1st ever Rare Color CHAMPION SIRED Chocolate Seal QUAD Babies are born!
Check them out HERE

* We have a new CHAMPION! Check out our Chocolate Merle ABKC CHAMPION BANG!

End of Year: What a year! We have just scratched the surface here as to what we have accomplished in 2015, but those are the highlights. We would like to take the time to thank ALL of our Loyal Customers who have become part of our Rare Bulldogs Family this year & in the previous 18 years! You have stood up for us, supported us, and befriended us. THANK YOU!
Our program has exploded with QUALITY, Outstanding representations for the Rare Color World. Here we come 2016!!
Merles, Merles, Merles!
2016 brought us many merle babies! So proud to be producing Merle babies of quality with great health and lines that can be proven and researched. Rare Bulldogs has produced the First merles with CHAMPION Loaded pedigrees. Look HERE to see our up and coming Merle Moms that are CHAMPION SIRED and that have CHAMPION loaded pedigrees. Look HERE to see Merle baby photos.
We have yet another Rare Color CHAMPION! Check out new CHAMPION Rare Bulldogs Back N Black Black Out HERE.
Wow, cant believe the year passed so quickly!

Rare Bulldogs is on a new journey this year. We no longer have our California location, and have went total Florida Family Business!

I would like to welcome my son Chris as new owner/operator of Rare Bulldogs! Of course I will still be the face of Rare Bulldogs for the most part and will work in the office with our beloved customers and friends. Although Chris has been our kennel manager, and puppy nanny for the past 8 years, I will be the support behind our dogs and litters while my son is fully trained in other areas of the business. As always, Rare Bulldogs will continue to produce high quality, healthy babies for years to come!