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We WILL NOT sell puppies or semen to large breeders, breeders who keep their dogs outside, puppy mills, brokers, or pet shops, or to anyone associated with them.
Overview of Requirements...please read
We require you to submit our Stud Service Contract on the first day of heat, at which time full  payment is also required. This gives us time to order your semen boxes & get the payment fully processed. Note: We will try to work with you as much as we can on an emergency breeding.

We also require a copy of your females AKC Registration, her Pedigree, any DNA certificates you have, both color & AKC, and a photo, before any stud services are reserved, rendered, or shipped. We WILL NOT RESERVE a spot with one of our studs without ALL required documents & contracts. If someone else calls & reserves a spot at the same time your girl is in, we will have no choice but to deny our services to you unless you have RESERVED our Stud properly.

Please choose one of the Options below:
***If you are definitely using one of our studs & your girl is in heat now or will be in the next 30 days, go directly to our Stud Contract HERE.
***To book one of our Studs for FUTURE Stud Services, please go HERE.
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