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Notice: there has been much confusion about who we are & if we are affiliated with other breeders who have added our name "Rare Bulldogs" to their name. We are simply RARE BULLDOGS, the first, the one & only, the original RARE BULLDOGS. It is a compliment to us that so many other breeders have added our name to theirs, but it does cause much confusion, especially where the breeder makes the RARE BULLDOGS part of their name more prominent than their real name. This confusion has cost us 2 customers (that we know of) whom would not believe that we were NOT affiliated with a breeder that has evidently ripped them off. Thus we felt this notice to be necessary.

The "Original" RARE BULLDOGS

Producers of the Planet's First Purple Lilac English Bulldog
Absolutely the BEST in Rare Color AKC English Bulldogs for You & your Family
Meet the One & Only, World Renowned Extreme Z
Rare Bulldogs Extreme Z, first produced Purple AKC Lilac Bulldog in the World,  and is also the most Famous Rare Color Bulldog. Z is known throughout the world by Breeders, Fanciers, and Bulldog Lovers, and has Progeny all over the Planet. Z is also one of the most correct Rare Color Bulldogs according to the BCA breed standard...too bad he is not allowed n the show ring, solely because of his color. Read more abut Z on our Stud and History pages.
QUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare BulldogsQUAD is a pending registered trademark owned by Rare Bulldogs

Stay at home Puppy Moms & Breeders of the Rarest Color AKC Bulldogs on the Planet.
Striving to keep the True Bulldog Look & Size in the Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, Black, Merle, and Seal English Bulldog.
We breed only healthy Moms & Dads, and never compromise health or structure for color.
Welcome to our site. We hope you stay for a while & get familiar with us. We have been breeding Rare Color Canines since 1972 & love it more than ever. We were Bulldogers (BCA Members) for over 5 years when in 2009 we decided to produce the Rare colors of Blue, Black , Chocolate, Seal, and Lilac in English Bulldogs. We are very fortunate to have produced the Worlds First True Color (Purple) Lilac English Bulldog in 2011. Please make sure to visit our History Page to read more about us. Our breeding goals are to keep that Gorgeous Bulldog Standard Look in our Rare Color Beauties. We also want to keep the Size of our Rare Color babies as close as possible to the Breed Standard of 50 lbs. for boys & 40 lbs. for girls. We started off by breeding our first carrier boy to our Champion Sired girl Tory, and continue to mix the show lines with our Color Lines as often as possible. There is much more info on us throughout our site, so please take time to familiarize yourself with us and feel free to contact us anytime for any reason. Stay positive, and have a great day!!:)
Purple Bulldogs
Leighan & I take pride in our Breeding Program & Strive to Produce the very Best in Rare Color English Bulldogs.
We are experienced breeders & know how to plan & produce the Quality you see below.
These babies are barely a year old in this photo.
Breed Standard AKC Purple & Blue Englsih Bulldogs
ABOUT THIS PAGE:  We are The ORIGINAL, ONE & ONLY RARE BULLDOGS! Worldwide Industry Leader in breeding Quality, Healthy AKC Rare Color English Bulldogs. We specialize in Purple Lilac Bullgogs, True Blue Tri, Dark Chocolate Tri, Black & Tan, Black SEAL, Lilac Tri, Chocolate Seal, Blue Seal, Double [atat] Seals, Merle english Bulldogs, Blue Fawn, Chocolate Fawn, Platinum, Mini Bulldogs, Miniature, English Bulldog Studs, & Lilac Fawn. We have been using our catch phrase for over 10 years: Lilac Passions, Blue Dreams, Chocolate Sensations, Black Beauties, Back N Black, Platinum Perfections, Marvelous Merles, & Mini Mite Munchkins. Check us out! Our site is extensive. Contact us anytime as we are glad to get to know you!! Absolutely the BEST Rare Color English Bulldog Puppies on the net! We breed the healthiest, with the best quality in rare color bulldog puppies you can find. Blue English Bulldog Puppies for sale. Purple Lilac Bulldog Puppy. Chocolate English Bulldogs, Black Tri Bulldogs. Puppies and Stud Services for English Bulldogs in Rare Colors
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