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Blue color in dogs is no more than a Diluted Black dog. Contrary to popular thinking, the Blue gene is really NOT a blue gene. It is a dilution gene which can dilute any color, including chocolate. For the Dilute Gene to make, if you will, a true blue dog, the BLACK has to be there to be diluted. True blue is a Slate Gray Color, although the black can be diluted to many shades from charcoal to off White with a blue base. ALL of these colors are genetically blue. The nose, eyeliner, and pads should be self colored(color of the hair), except in the lighter color dogs where the pigment is usually a darker blue than the hair. The eyes are often light gold, green, blue, or gray. In addition to the nose color, DNA Color testing will reveal the "dd" alleles in TRUE BLUE dogs. Each parent also contributes one of their two dilution factor genes to their offspring - either a dilute (d) gene or a non-dilute (D) gene. Dilute parents (dd) can contribute only a dilute (d) gene and non-dilute parents (DD) can contribute only a non-dilute (D). Dilute Carriers can either contribute a non-dilute (D) or a dilute (d) gene.
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Examples of some different BLUE shades. All DNA dd and are owned/produced by Rare Bulldogs.
Silver Blue Tri Blue Tri Blue  FawnTri Blue Tri
Blue and White English Bulldogs Blue Tri English Bulldogs Blue Fawn Tri English Bulldogs Super Dilute Blue Tri English Bulldogs
Blue Fawn Tri Blue Brindle Tri Blue Bi
Blue Fawn Tri English Bulldogs Blue Brindle Tri English Bulldogs Blue and White English Bulldogs