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      AKC Rare Color English Bulldogs
Top Breeder of Rare Color Lilac, Purple, Blue, Chocolate, Black, Seal English Bulldogs
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Meet Rare Bulldogs Extreme Zi, first produced Purple AKC Lilac Bulldog in the World,  and is also the most Famous Rare Color Bulldog. Zi is known throughout the world by Bully Breeders in every country and has Progeny in the Ukraine, Australia, Hungary, England, Mexico, and Canada so far. Zi is also one of the most correct Rare Color Bulldogs according to the breed standard...too bad he is not allowed n the show ring, solely becuase of his color. Read more abut Zi on our Stud and History pages.
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DNA Profile: dd bb KbrN atat
Lilac Tri Englsih Bulldog  True Lilac AKC English Bulldog by Rare BulldogsPurple Lilac English Bulldog
Welcome to our site. We hope you stay for a while & get familiar with us. We have been breeding Rare Color Canines for over 40 years now & love it more than ever. We were Bulldogers (BCA Member) for over 5 years when in 2009 we decided to produce the Rare colors of Blue, Black , Chocolate, Seal, and Lilac in English Bulldogs. We are very fortunate to have produced the Worlds First True Color (Purple) Lilac English Bulldog in 2011. Please make sure to visit our History Page to read more about us. Our breeding goals are to keep that Gorgeous Bulldog Standard Look in our Rare Color Beauties. We also want to keep the Size of our Rare Color babies as close as possible to the Breed Standard of 50 lbs. for boys & 40 lbs. for girls. We started off by breeding our first carrier boy to our Champion Sired girl Tory, and continue to mix the show lines with our Color Lines as often as possible.

There is much more info on us throughout our site, so please take time to familiarize yourself with us and feel free to contact us anytime for any reason. Stay positive, and have a great day!!:)
Purple Bulldogs?
You bet! ...see them Here
Canine Cancer Calendar Update: Taking orders now. Come on everyone, support the research!! 2014 Canine Calendar...all proceeds go to research cancer in canines.

Rare Bulldogs is honored that 4 of our babies made the Calendar!!

The store on www.paparazzipets.net accepts paypal, credit cards and Atms. All the proceeds go to cancer research. The calendars usually run $19.95 plus shipping but can be preordered this month at a 15% discount.

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